Talking With Your Doctor

Your doctor needs to know about your symptoms and how they affect your everyday activities. Knowing what to discuss will give your doctor a better picture of your health.

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Here's a helpful conversation starter. Fill out the Doctor Discussion Guide for SIMPONI® and bring it to your next appointment.

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Here are a few suggestions to get ready for your next doctor’s appointment:

  • Write down the symptoms you’ve been having and make note of any new ones. Has anything changed since your last visit?
  • Go into detail: If something hurts, describe how bad it is
  • Write down how symptoms affect your ability to do everyday activities
  • Make a list of the medicines you take, previous medical procedures, and your disease history

Take these notes with you to your next doctor’s appointment. Don’t forget to talk with your doctor about your treatment goals and the types of activities you’d like to take up.

Cost Support

No matter what kind of health insurance you have, Janssen CarePath Care Coordinators can help explain your coverage for medication. They can help you know how much you may have to pay out of pocket. They can also help you find ways to make your SIMPONI® medication more affordable.

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Medication Cost Support


Janssen CarePath offers tools to help you feel more confident self-injecting SIMPONI®. These include the SmartJect® autoinjector trainer and the Instructions for Use. You can also click the link below to watch demonstration videos on how to self-inject. The injection demonstration videos and guides are not meant to replace the Instructions for Use that come with your SIMPONI® medication and SmartJect® autoinjector reusable trainer. Please read those instructions each time prior to using either device. Janssen Nurse Support is also available 7 days a week to answer additional injection questions.

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Injection Support


Janssen CarePath offers additional tools and services to help you during your treatment with SIMPONI®, such as:

  • A Welcome Pack to get you started
  • A Travel Pack to help you carry your medicine when you travel
  • Safe Returns®—a free, convenient way to get rid of used injection devices safely, and get new disposal containers by mail

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Treatment Support