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SimponiOne® Support provides a comprehensive range of tools and services to help you succeed in managing your treatment with SIMPONI®. To get started with SimponiOne® Support, simply select from the tools and services shown below.

Please note: If you made any changes to your contact information or services directly with the SimponiOne® Support Call Center those changes may not be reflected here.

SIMPONI® Welcome Pack

The SIMPONI® Welcome Pack contains tools and information that can help you get off to a good start. Inside, you’ll find the SimponiOne® Cost Support Guide, Medication Guide, SmartJect® autoinjector reusable trainer, a reusable treatment preparation mat with instructions for using the SmartJect® autoinjector, and more.

Learn More about the SIMPONI® Welcome Pack by clicking here.

SimponiOne® Safe Returns®

It’s important to properly dispose of your used injection devices. SimponiOne® Safe Returns® combines a simple and safe way to dispose of your used SIMPONI® injection device immediately after each once-monthly treatment, with the convenience of a once-a-year return service — at no additional cost to you

Learn more about SimponiOne® Safe Returns® by clicking here.

Need a Safe Returns® Replacement Pack?
Here’s everything you need to return and replace a filled Safe Returns® disposal container. It includes a new Safe Returns® disposal container and a postage-paid mail-back box to return your filled Safe Returns® container for disposal.

SIMPONI® Travel Pack

If you need to travel when it's time for your SIMPONI® injection, you'll need to keep the medication cold. The SIMPONI® Travel Pack holds your SmartJect® autoinjector or prefilled syringe, so your medication stays cold and protected from light. For information on how to use the Travel Pack, see the Travel Advisory Card that comes with it.