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Real stories from real people. View real-life stories from people like you who are living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA), active psoriatic arthritis, or active ankylosing spondylitis, and who are responding to treatment with once-monthly SIMPONI® under a rheumatologist's supervision. You'll learn about their challenges and what led them to start treatment with SIMPONI®. Your results may vary.

Chantelle's Story


Misdiagnosed at first, she has been living with moderate to severe RA since 1999.


About Chantelle from Massachusetts

Living with moderate to severe RA since 1999.

In 1999 I was a healthy, active 19-year-old. My life changed when I was diagnosed with lupus. I had swelling in my ankles and pain and stiffness in my hands, knees and other joints so extreme that I had to wake up an hour early—because it took that much longer to get out of bed. While I once enjoyed things like jogging and dancing, my running sneakers and high heels just sat in the closet as a reminder of the life I used to live.

Then one day, I got a second opinion from a rheumatologist. When I walked into his office, he knew almost instantly that the cause of my pain and stiffness was not lupus—it was RA. We tried methotrexate, which helped a little, but I still had the pain and stiffness. Then, along with methotrexate, my doctor had me try some other biologic drugs. One of them had to be injected every week.

When I tried SIMPONI® with methotrexate, I got relief from my pain and stiffness. So I could get back to many of the things I did before I got RA, like cooking big meals and exploring my city on foot, looking at its great architecture and museums. Best of all, with less swelling in my feet, I'm back into some of my great shoes again.

I give myself SIMPONI® with the autoinjector. My doctor showed me how to use it so now I can do it right at home. What's really great about it is you never see the needle, and you only have to do it once a month.

With less pain and stiffness, I can do more of the things I need to do. I may have RA, but RA doesn't have me.

Hear more from Chantelle by viewing the above video.

SIMPONI® is the first and only self-injectable biologic treatment for adults with moderate to severe RA that requires just one injection each month. SIMPONI® is taken with the medicine methotrexate, as directed.

Your results may vary.

Once you and your doctor are comfortable with the self-injection process, you will inject SIMPONI® under the skin, just once a month.

Selected Important Safety Information

SIMPONI® (golimumab) can lower your ability to fight infections. Serious and sometimes fatal events may occur. There have been reports of serious infections including tuberculosis (TB) and infections caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses that have spread throughout the body. Other possible serious side effects may include lymphoma, skin cancer, a rare and fatal cancer called hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma, other cancers, hepatitis B, heart failure, nervous system problems, lupus-like syndrome, or allergic reactions. To learn more about these and other risks, please read the Important Safety Information and the Medication Guide, and talk with your doctor.

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