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If your doctor has talked to you about a biologic treatment for your moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA), but you've been hesitant to get started, ask your doctor about SIMPONI®. SIMPONI® is a once-monthly self-injectable biologic treatment with support from SimponiOne® that can help you get off to a good start.

SIMPONI® is the first and only self-injectable biologic treatment for adults with moderate to severe RA that requires just one injection each month. SIMPONI® is taken with the medicine methotrexate, as directed.

Once you and your doctor are comfortable with the self-injection process, you will inject SIMPONI® under the skin, just once a month.

The SIMPONI® Difference

Proven effective with just one injection, once a month

In clinical trials, just one monthly injection of SIMPONI® is proven to help relieve the pain, stiffness, and swelling of moderate to severe RA. Your results may vary.

Two easy-to-use injection options

Choose either the SmartJect® autoinjector or the prefilled syringe. Both injection devices provide a low volume of medicine (0.5 mL) with each dose and have been awarded the Ease-of-Use Commendation by the Arthritis Foundation®.

The easy-to-use SmartJect® autoinjector is specially designed with your needs in mind to help you inject on your own, in the comfort of your home. It offers a thin needle that remains hidden throughout the injection process so you never have to see the needle.

Watch our step-by-step injection demonstration videos by clicking here.

Are SIMPONI® injections painful?

For most people with moderate to severe RA, active psoriatic arthritis or active ankylosing spondylitis who participated in clinical trials, SIMPONI® injections were pain-free. Through 4 months of the studies, less than 1% of people treated with SIMPONI® reported experiencing any injection site pain, and 6% experienced injection site reactions, such as redness, swelling, itching, pain, bruising, or tingling. To learn more about these and other risks, please read the Important Safety Information, about SIMPONI® below, and the Medication Guide, and talk with your doctor.

Medication Cost Support

Whether you have commercial or private health insurance, government-funded insurance (such as Medicare or Medicaid), or no health insurance coverage at all, a SimponiOne® Care Coordinator can help explain your medication insurance coverage, determine your potential out-of-pocket medication costs, and identify resources that can help make your SIMPONI® medication more affordable.

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SimponiOne® offers Spanish-speaking Care Coordinators.
SimponiOne® ofrece Coordinadores de Atención de habla hispana.

Injection Support

SimponiOne® Support offers tools to help you feel confident when self-injecting SIMPONI®, including the SmartJect® autoinjector reusable trainer. You can also access injection demonstration videos here. Janssen Nurse Support is also available 7 days a week to answer additional injection questions.

Treatment Support

SimponiOne® offers additional tools and services to help you succeed in managing your treatment with SIMPONI®, such as a Welcome Pack with SmartJect® autoinjector reusable trainer. There's also Safe Returns®, a simple and safe way to dispose of your used SIMPONI® injection device immediately after each monthly treatment, with the convenience of a once-a-year return service — at no additional cost to you.

Selected Important Safety Information

SIMPONI® (golimumab) can lower your ability to fight infections. Serious and sometimes fatal events may occur. There have been reports of serious infections including tuberculosis (TB) and infections caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses that have spread throughout the body. Other possible serious side effects may include lymphoma, skin cancer, a rare and fatal cancer called hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma, other cancers, hepatitis B, heart failure, nervous system problems, lupus-like syndrome, or allergic reactions. To learn more about these and other risks, please read the Important Safety Information and the Medication Guide, and talk with your doctor.

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